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GB-201703168-D0: A portable large powertrain component stand patent, GB-201703251-D0: Busbar connector patent, GB-201703670-D0: Low-temperature polycrystalline silicon thin-film transistor GOA circuit patent, GB-201704018-D0: Multiplexing methods for separators patent, GB-201704285-D0: A quantum communication system patent, GB-201704614-D0: Secure storage and tracking system patent, GB-201704845-D0: Suspension control system patent, GB-201704851-D0: Storage sacks for industrial-purpose dust and granule products patent, GB-201706294-D0: Suction cleaner patent, GB-201707511-D0: Oligonucleotide complexes for use in RNA editing patent, GB-201707662-D0: Improved power generation device patent, GB-201708018-D0: Baby Cot patent, GB-201708661-D0: Methods of selecting coffee plant cells comprising genome editing events patent, GB-201708940-D0: Photo-bioreactor device and methods patent, GB-201709450-D0: A propulsion system patent, GB-201710203-D0: Pressure reducer assembly patent, GB-201710880-D0: Growing bed apparatus and method of use thereof patent, GB-201710949-D0: Magnetic Bearing patent, GB-201711116-D0: Downhole fluid characterization methods and systems employing a casing with a multi-electrode configuration patent, GB-201711239-D0: Identity matching mobile electronic devices patent, GB-201711684-D0: Syringe for administering foam patent, GB-201711735-D0: Golf clubs with hosel inserts and related methods patent, GB-201712617-D0: Multi-pass mass spectrometer with improved sensitivity patent, GB-201714074-D0: Organic synthesis intermediates anthraquinone synthesis method patent, GB-201714116-D0: Mounting system for battery cells patent, GB-201714707-D0: A design for an efficient symbiotic energy plant patent, GB-201714866-D0: Dispenser patent, GB-201714925-D0: Monitoring method and system patent, GB-201715349-D0: Toy scotters/ (toy) shoes and balls and wheels patent, GB-201715402-D0: Aqueous coating composition patent, GB-201715707-D0: Interface for input selection using a touch sensitive proximity-sensitive display patent, GB-201715930-D0: Cell Culture Medium patent, GB-201716064-D0: Adaptive block matrix using pre-whitening for adaptive beam forming patent, GB-201716101-D0: Briefs for absorbing blood from a woman due to afterbirth bleeding patent, GB-201716610-D0: Apparatus machinery for a movable expanding mechanism to receive nuclear weapons missiles other weapons or cut sever nuclear missiles warheads patent, GB-201716893-D0: Methods and systems for analysing time ordered image data patent, GB-201717790-D0: Folding pocket tool patent, GB-201717849-D0: Using machine learning to detect a constituent image within a composite image patent, GB-201718364-D0: Hair cleansing conditioner patent, GB-201718611-D0: Table utensil having a decorative attachment patent, GB-201718718-D0: Apparatus for provision of a transportable workstation patent, GB-201718722-D0: Coating method and product thereof patent, GB-201718936-D0: Drainage apparatus patent, GB-201719195-D0: Multi blades patent, GB-201719913-D0: Polypropylene composition with high scratch resistance patent, GB-201719998-D0: Computer-Implemented system and method patent, GB-201720932-D0: Bicyclic peptide ligands specific for IL-17 patent, GB-201721055-D0: Hydraulic system characteristics patent, GB-201721461-D0: Computer-implemented methods of evaluating patent, GB-201721501-D0: Agricultural vehicle patent, GB-8300553-D0: Heating device patent, GB-8301018-D0: Apparatus for treatment of yarns & c patent, GB-8301179-D0: Roller assembly patent, GB-8301558-D0: Trailer patent, GB-8302135-D0: Control circuit patent, GB-8302884-D0: Unsaturated mono-saturated dialdehydes and acetals patent, GB-8302921-D0: Nematic liquid crystals patent, GB-8303166-D0: Rheumatic copper band patent, GB-8303336-D0: Automater measuring scale patent, GB-8303789-D0: Mower cutter unit patent, GB-8304341-D0: Gas fires patent, GB-8305034-D0: Fracture cast-braces and casts patent, GB-8305530-D0: Driving mirror assembly patent, GB-8305561-D0: Expansion anchor patent, GB-8305875-D0: Non-woven fibrous material patent, GB-8306134-D0: Testing of structures patent, GB-8306566-D0: Transporting flat products patent, GB-8306579-D0: Plaster lath bead patent, GB-8306864-D0: Heat pump defrost air bypass damper patent, GB-8307689-D0: 3 in 1 decorators t-bar patent, GB-8310887-D0: Injection moulded shutter patent, GB-8312348-D0: Liquid purifying patent, GB-8313912-D0: Seals for bearings patent, GB-8313993-D0: Open-end yarn piecer patent, GB-8314069-D0: Swimming pool cover apparatus patent, GB-8314418-D0: Hydrostatic steering unit patent, GB-8314549-D0: Rail wheels patent, GB-8315438-D0: Auxiliary handle patent, GB-8315886-D0: Variable reluctance transducer circuit patent, GB-8316256-D0: Tape and detecting device patent, GB-8316318-D0: Semiconductors patent, GB-8317647-D0: Heating shoe parts patent, GB-8318243-D0: Drip tray and door restraint apparatus patent, GB-8318536-D0: Stabilised plant protection agent suspension patent, GB-8318684-D0: Ammunition for recoilless projectile launcher patent, GB-8319276-D0: Coating compositions patent, GB-8319294-D0: Contour conforming devices patent, GB-8319337-D0: Vapourizer patent, GB-8320109-D0: Cleaning wire & c patent, GB-8320508-D0: Freewheel device patent, GB-8321016-D0: Front headlamp cover for motor vehicles patent, GB-8321503-D0: Digital transmission systems patent, GB-8321548-D0: Antennas patent, GB-8322068-D0: Scientific instruments patent, GB-8322222-D0: Printed circuit board patent, GB-8322384-D0: Electric water heating containers patent, GB-8322503-D0: Foamed material patent, GB-8322679-D0: Display of information by computers patent, GB-8322903-D0: Mineral mining machine patent, GB-8324959-D0: Device for determining liquid volume patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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